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Bus Driver Training (Automatic)

$1248-50 incl GST

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To become a Bus Driver,  you need to hold the Passenger Endorsement on your licence,  which allows you to carry passengers for Hire or Reward as well as the Class 2, which allows you to drive a vehicle up to 18,000kg.


To be eligble

You must have:

1.    Held a full class 1 current licence for 2years or more.

2.    DL9 Medical from your GP (Approx $45.00)

3.    Be able to pass a fit and proper persons check* (Serious convictions may stop a person from holding a P.Endorsement licence). Contact NZTA if you have any concerns.

* People from overseas will need to provide documented proof (We can help you with this).

About the Course

Class 2 Bus 

1.    Logbooks - Unit standard 24089

3.    Class 2 Leaner training. (Please note this does not include the Application Fee of $93-90)

4.    Operate a rigid vehicle (Class 2) unit standard 17574.

5.    Practical Drives on a Bus


Days of Course:  Monday, Tuesday (theory)

                           Practical Day will be confirmed with you at class, normally on a Friday.

Please Note:  There will be no charge for resits on papers 24089, 17579 and theory 17574. 


Additional Information


** Application fee for Class 2 Learners $93-90 payable to AA


A (class 1) practical driving test may be required unless you have passed this test within the last 5 years. A.A or VTNZ charges apply of $59-90.


On satisfactory completion of the Class 2 part of the course , a certificate will be issued which you must take to the AA or VTNZ to have your licence upgraded, AA or VTNZ fees apply of $49-90.